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We can offer a large range of Rubber Bonded To Metal products including a Anti- Vibration Mounts Bobbins, Buffers, Compression/Shear Mountings, Sandwich Mountings, Engine Mountings, Cone Mountings, Ring Mountings, Flanged Bobbin Mountings. The mounts are used as dampers for pumps, automotive applications, generator sets, marine use and compressors.

Rubber to metal bonding is a generic phrase covering a number of interdependent processes. The rubber bonded units that result from the process are used for the isolation of noise and vibration in automotive and engineering applications. Larger units are used to decouple translational movement for bridges and buildings.

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Reduced assembly times and improved performance

In the world of rubber mouldings, a rubber part that has been ‘bonded’ means that a metal component has been chemically prepared and attached or encapsulated as part of the vulcanisation process to become a bonded rubber part.

The basic rule of thumb when it comes to bonding rubber to metal is that if you have a rubber part which needs to adhere to a metal part, or which is part of the same assembly, a vulcanised bond will be far superior than any adhesive. In fact, looking at the destructive tests that we’ve run, the rubber itself is more likely to break apart than the bond between the metal and the rubber. You don’t get much more integral than that and this is what makes us experts at bonding rubber to metal. You can learn more about the technical details around the process of bonding rubber to metal by reading our blog posts, We are happy to bond customer free issue components.

Rubber Bonded To Metal Mouldings


Typically, the process flow consists of

metal insert being cleaned and degreased

drying the insert

apply a primer coat

wait for primer to dry

application of the top coat

wait for top coat to dry

moulding of rubber over insert

The bond strength is obtained under pressure in compression, injection or transfer moulds. The Rubber Company are happy to bond customers free issue metal components as well as quote for a new rubber bonded to metal moulding.

Sanda rubber  can manufacture rubber mouldings in a range of different materials inclduing: Neoprene, Nitrile, EPDM, SBR, and Silicone. Also in various grades to suit the application.

We provide standard sizes and Custom-molded for various dimensions

Any color: black, white, blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, brown, and else

Customized packing is accepted

We produce parts according to your needs



according to the customers' requirements

DimensionStandard sizes, also can be customized
Hardness20-90±5 Shore A
ToleranceAccording to ISO 3302:2014 (E)
Rapid Development


A. From drawing, new tool design to mold support and samples.

B. Prototype mold, usually in 7 days;

C. Mass production mold, usually in 1~2 weeks.

RoHs & REACHRoHs & REACH directive compliant green products
AdvantagesProfessional sales-team and technology-team, molding center, high-tech testing machine and so on

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