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Adjustable, Anti-Abrasion, Anti-Corrosion, Anti-UV, Flexible, Freestanding, Rewindable, Soft, Telescopic Handle, WALL MOUNTABLE, Lightweight,durable,flexible,uv resistant,fiber reinforced

Application:Garden watering,irrigation,car washing and cleaning in daily.

Color:Green or according to customer's requirements

Working Pressure:15 bar

Burst Pressure:45 bar

Fittings:Brass,iron,plastic etc.

Sample:We can offer sample by free


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PVC-U water supply pipe


Polyvinyl chloride


White Grey or customized


GB/T 5836.1-2006


4m 6m or as required


corrosion resistance and pressure resistance

1. Light weight

2. good corrosion resistance

3. small liquid resistance

4. large mechanical strength

5. no impacts on water quality

6. good water-tightness

7. easy work-ability

8. wide range choice from 16mm---800mm

Technical Index



Vicat softening temperature ℃>80

Longitudinal reversion %<5

Methylene chloride immersion test 15℃,15min

Surface changes are not inferior to 4N

Drop hammer impact test (0℃) TIR,%<5

Hydraulic testDN<40mm,20℃ 36mpa 1h

DN>40mm,20℃ 36mpa 1h

20℃ 30mpa 100h

10℃ 60mpa 1000h

No rupture, No Leakage

System suitablity testLinks tightness test

Negative pressure test

Declination test

No rupture, No Leakage


Water supply engineering, electrical engineering, construction works, sewage system,Telecommunication engineering, drilling engineering, salt water project, Natural Gas engineering, chemical plant, paper mill, brewing fermentation plant, electroplate plant, agricultural garden, oil field, livestock breeding, freeway engineering, golf course engineering and plastic sheet for fishing.


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